Monday, October 17, 2016

Prayer 1365- For compassionate hearts

The "Hunter's Moon" that shone last night truly reminded us of the glory of creation.

Holy One, we bend the knee of our hearts before You in thanksgiving: open our hearts to the balm of your Word. 

Remember us according to your love, O God, for we are prone to wander and fall short of who we are called to be. 
We are too prone to give the hungry a stone instead of bread, and the refugee rejections rather than welcome. 

Yet You are gracious to us, O God, steadfast in kindness, so let us learn from You, who made us in your image. 
Grant us the courage to follow in the path of hope, faith, and compassion through the waste places of fear and doubt. 
Teach us by the example of your saints and apostles to walk in your ways always. 

Give us the will to sing your love boldly and to place healing hands upon the wounded places in the world as we pray.


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