Saturday, October 15, 2016

Prayer 1363- For Teresa of Avila

A beautiful poem prayer from St. Teresa of Avila.

Most Merciful God, we praise You, and turn our faces toward the rising light of hope that throws off the blanket of night. Guide and direct our hearts to You today, O God, knowing you journey with us in love. 

May we send all our thoughts after You, O God, seeking You with all that we are. May we act out of love in all we do, for love alone is the measure of all things. May we open our hearts that the love of Christ may overflow from us and into the dark corners of the world. Let our hearts in prayer be ever turned to You, Lord Christ, that we be led as children of God through your example. 

All that we are we lay at your feet, O Holy One: bless and sanctify us through our offering of love. Place your hand of blessing upon all who call upon You, especially those for whom we now pray.


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