Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Prayer 1352; On the Feast of St. Francis

Icon of St. Francis of Assisi, writer unknown.

Our God and our All, we place ourselves within the bounds of your peace, and give You thanks for your lovingkindness.

Let your light shine in our hearts like Brother Sun and Sister Moon and all the stars, that we may walk in peace and joy. 

You have placed our feet upon Mother Earth, who sustains us and provides us our food: may we honor and tend her in love.

As we pass through this day, your gift, may we be gentle and forgiving to all, praising You, O God, in all that we are, do, and say. 

Enlighten our minds, that we may act from a perfect charity, and sing forth your praises always.

You are love and peace, Lord Christ: draw into your embrace all those whom we remember before you as we pray.


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