Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Prayer 1353- Being the Body of Christ

Clouds after storms, 2013. We pray for all in the path of Hurricane Matthew.

Our God and our All, Our Source and our Home, we praise You and honor your holy name. 

Guide us in paths of justice and mercy, that we may eat the bread of peace in fellowship with all creation. 
Let us count the times we have strayed from compassion and been pardoned, and seek to walk in light and forbearance. 

May we imitate Jesus in all our ways, and seek to live out our call to be the Body of Christ to a hungering world. 
May we nourish the hopes of the hopeless and restore the faith of the faithless, embodying a wisdom the world deems foolish. 
Let us love where there is hate and be gentle where there is anger, jealousy, or fear. 

May the beauty of your grace shine from us, O Holy One, and be a light to all who struggle to find their way. 
May we be at peace with ourselves and with your creation, and live with integrity and mindfulness, O God. 

Let your blessing rest upon and strengthen us, and those we now name.


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