Monday, October 3, 2016

Prayer 1351

Chapel of the Apostles at Sewanee.

Lord of Life and Light, we thank You for watching over this world as it has turned from day to night. We thank You for watching over us as we rested through the night, and we lift our hearts to you in the gathering light. We bow the knee of our hearts, confessing our failings and the times we have hurt others through carelessness or fear. 

Guide us in the spirit of gentleness and faith to see the beauty of your imprint in all we see in the rosy light of dawn. Give us healing hands and compassionate hearts: help us to see ourselves in the plight of those in trouble. Help us to choose healing over hurt, and unity over division, and hope over despair. 

Lord Jesus, abide within our hearts, and set our feet upon the paths of peace and justice. Anoint us by your love, O Holy One, and envelop within your healing embrace those for whom we pray.


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