Monday, September 5, 2016

Prayer 1322: Prayer for Labor Day

As I give thanks for the working men and women whose labor has made this country great, I remember this lovely lady at Thistle Stop Cafe in Nashville, who helped make us feel welcome and showed such hospitality.

A Prayer for Labor Day
Holy One, your hands built the foundations of the world: we pause from our labors to give you thanks and praise. 

Lord, You called us to establish justice: may we remember our obligation to love each other as we love ourselves. Help us, O God, build a society in which the dignity and contribution of every worker is honored, and wealth is used righteously. 

O Creator, who rested upon the seventh day, let us work not just for a living but to have life abundantly. Remembering your abundant grace, let us work alongside those who are in want, and act with justice toward the poor. Help us act with justice to help those who search for work, that all may dwell in security, and that we honor, support, and affirm each other. Giving thanks for our fellowship in your kingdom, O Holy One, we ask your grace to rest upon those we now name.


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