Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Prayer 1323

The Tower at Press Hall, Eden Theological Seminary.

Lord Jesus Christ, we lift up our hearts and lives to You, offering You all that we are, rejoicing in your abiding love. 

For all who rejoice and celebrate their blessings today, we thank You. 
For all who seek and travel the holy path of compassion and peace, as You yourself guided us, we thank You. 
For all working to amend their lives and reconcile to those they have hurt and to forgive those who've hurt them, we thank You. 

For all who have lost their way, or who have lost hope, that the Spirit of Wisdom and Truth enliven them, we pray to You. 
For all who sorrow, or who are anxious in the face of uncertainty or injustice, that they be freed and comforted, we pray to You. 
For all who are in pain or sickness in body or mind, that they be healed and restored, we pray to You. 

Holy One, accept our praises and our cares as we lay them before You, and bless and keep those we now name.


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