Sunday, September 4, 2016

Prayer 1321: The Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Time to head back through these doors at Eden Seminary for year three. So much to do and learn!

Most Merciful God, secure us by your hand upon the rock of salvation, that we may sing your praise forever! 

Gather us to You, O Holy One, for all like sheep we have wandered afar, and folly has become our pole star. 
Let our hearts ascend to You, O God, upon the wings of the morning: let us make our hearts glad in your worship and honor. 
Let us join hands and hearts, secured by your Word, and give thanks before your altars. 

Strengthened, rededicated, and renewed, let us make our lives a joyful testimony to your goodness and mercy at all times. 

Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts, and gather under your wing all whose needs we remember before You.


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