Thursday, July 21, 2016

Prayer 1276

In gratitude, we rise up from our beds, giving thanks to You, O God, for all You have done to bless us. 

We thank You for your lovingkindness, new every morning, steadfast through the night as You have cared for us. For the love of the Lord our God never sleeps: God's eye is on the greatest and the least throughout creation. 

Direct us, we pray, to make no war upon anyone, but also make no peace with oppression or injustice anywhere. Let us make common cause with the oppressed, defensesless, and hurting, and work to heal ourselves of division. 

Forgive us our failures to work for mercy and compassion, for judging our brothers and sisters while privileging ourselves. Renew a right spirit within us: guide us by your Spirit to open our hearts rather than close our minds. 

We open our hearts to seek your blessing, Lord Christ, and ask your hand to rest upon the hearts of those we now name.


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