Friday, July 22, 2016

Prayer 1277- for the courage to love

Petitioning Christ for healing; window at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis.

In humility and awe, we come before our God, who welcomes us and fills us with blessing and calls us to courage. 

Lord Jesus, lead us into wisdom and compassion, renouncing the foolishness and hatred that divides us. 
Make us beacons of peace and justice, renouncing the hopelessness, fear and vengeance that causes us to hurt each other. 
Help us follow in your footsteps of mercy and healing, proclaiming the peace of God and love of Christ in every moment. 

Give us faith in your creation and your image in each other, remembering that you formed us in love to be Spirit-filled people. Gather us to your embrace, O Holy One, and extend the shade of your blessing to those we now name.


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