Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prayer 1275

Jesus washes the apostles' feet

Blessed Savior, bend near to us, in joy and need, that we may rest within the embrace of your mercy. Holy One, may we open the eyes of our hearts to see You clearly, and follow in your ways. 

Whatever is loving, compassionate, and merciful-- may we do these in the name of Christ, who shows us the way of life. Whatever is fear-driven, divisive, or oppressive to others-- may we renounce these in the hope of salvation before God.

May we treat this good as earth as heaven under our feet, filled with awe at the wonders of God. 

May we honor the divine imprint in each other, as all are children of the Most High, and love each other as Christ loves us. 

Lord Jesus, fill us with the power of the Spirit, and accept our prayers as we lay our cares before you.


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