Saturday, February 20, 2016

Prayer 1124- for integrity with all creation

The altar in the chapel area of St. Martin's Church, Ellisville, MO, set up for the Saturday 5:05 service.

Blessed Savior, receive our humble prayers, which we bring before You in thanks for your mercy. 

Accept our fervent repentance for all our sins, and renew our hearts in service to your gospel. Let us never wound another and justify it in your Name, Precious Lord, but remember that all creation reflects the image of God. Help us to live our lives so that we shine forth your grace and mercy into the world, O Creator, carrying your banner with integrity. 

Make us one with each other, one with the Earth, and one with You, Lord Christ; fill us with the Spirit that moved over creation at the dawn of time. May the light of discernment shine into the corners of our hearts and souls; may we remember that we see only in part, O God our Guide. 

Holy One, may we use each gift of breath to praise You and bless You, and to remember those who need thy care.


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