Friday, February 19, 2016

Prayer, day 1123

A Tibetan Buddhist monk creates a mandala as a prayer on the floor of the St. Louis Art Museum in 2005.
Once it was completed, it was destroyed.

We come before You in humble prayer, O God, and ask that You rule in our hearts. 

Drive far from us all fear and anger: fill us with your light, that we may walk your path of righteousness and love. May our footing be sure, and our feet never slip: may we open our eyes and be mindful of each step we take in your name. 

Strengthen our hearts that we may be loving to those who hate us, and generous to those who are angry. We thank you for the blessing of community and rejoice in the gift of all who love us. 

In your compassion, draw all who mourn within the enclosure of your love. Heal our infirmities and soothe our spirits, O Loving One, and keep us in safety today, as we pray for the needs of our loved ones.


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