Sunday, February 21, 2016

Prayer 1125- inspired by Luke 13:31-35

Detail from a window at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Ferguson, Missouri.

Lord God, as we gather around your altars we give you thanks and praise for your goodness and mercy that never sleeps. Come Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts and minds of all, awakening us to the beauty and holiness that shines in every heart. 

Bless and keep our loved ones under the wing of your protection, Blessed Jesus, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings. Help us to remember You and your holy example, Lord Christ, walking with us in each step we take today. Lead us in paths of wisdom, justice, fortitude, and self-restaint, that we be forces for healing and love. At night, let us find our rest and our home within You, O God, rejoicing in your protection and guidance even as we sleep. 

Into your hands, O God, we commit ourselves and all our lives, and ask your blessing upon those we now name.


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