Monday, October 19, 2015

Prayer Changes Things

Today is the 1,000th day that I and my friends and their friends have prayed together in a mutual prayer circle I started on a whim on Facebook nearly three years ago. I want to thank everyone who has joined together on this journey, who have been faithful prayer warriors on Facebook, twitter, and here on my blog. 
It has been an incredible blessing to me, and has helped ground my spiritual practice, as I have written a new prayer the majority of days this group has been in existence. These prayers have also been shared over twitter, first at @holycommucity as part of its ministry, and for the last few days now on my own personal twitter account. 
Thanks be to God! I know that prayer changes things, not the least of which is my own heart when I pray.

The great Mahalia Jackson explains some of my understanding of prayer:

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