Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Prayer 1001

Almighty Lord, we turn our faces to You as the sun rises, feeling the warmth of your presence wash over us, and are at peace. 
With each beat of our hearts, let us breathe in your loving-kindness, O Savior, and breathe out our thanksgiving for your compassion. 

Holy One, let us recount your manifold mercies to us, and seek to reflect that generosity of spirit in our own lives. 
Give us grace to pray for those who seek to hurt us, that their hearts be turned and their anger be healed. 

Send forth your Spirit, O God, to abide with those in distress and pour out like a balm over the ill and the lost. 
Loving One, we ask that You envelop in your love those whom we remember in our prayers by name.


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