Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Prayer 1002- Prayer changes things

The corner of the altar in the chapel at Holy Communion reflects the evening light as we would gather for prayer.

As we lie in our beds in the dawning light, we know, O Lord, that prayer changes things, especially our own hearts. 

As we feel your hand of blessing in so many corners of our lives, we know, O Lord, that You are our portion and our cup. 

As we think of the times we have failed to live as we ought, we know, O Lord, that our prayers of penitence call us to renewal. 

As our hearts are hurting and we are beset by storms within and without, we know, O Lord, that You are with us. 

As we pray for friends and loved ones who are sick, sorrowing, or in trouble, we know, O Lord, that you in your mercy remember them and keep them. 

Send now, O Lord, your blessing upon us who turn to You, and comfort those whom we now name.


This morning's prayer inspired by this song.

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