Thursday, October 22, 2015

Prayer 1003

Sister-leaves from a single tree, Eden Seminary, Webster Groves, MO.

Almighty God, breathe your hope into us at our rising, that we may center ourselves within You throughout the day. 

Plant your gentleness like an oak, deep within our hearts, O God, that the branches of your blessing may shade us always. Imprint your Spirit upon us, O Holy One: fill us with your truth, so that we may proclaim your justice and peace in all places. 

Let our lives proclaim our love for You, Lord Christ, and may our actions be testimony to your compassion and love. 

May the beauty of this fragile world fill us with awe and wonder, that we may tenderly minister to all living things. 

Strengthen and guide all doctors, nurses, surgeons, and caregivers, O Lord, and bless them for their care and skill. Remember those who call upon You, Lord, and send your angels to minister to those we now name.


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