Sunday, October 18, 2015

Prayer 999

From last year's Christmas Cantata at my home parish of Holy Communion. I performed the vital task of page turning-- there I am next to Mary Carol, our pianist. Original photo by my husband Bill.

Holy God, Heavenly One, let us rejoice in You, our Maker and our Savior! Let us lift our song to You in harmony, united in telling out your truth and love. 

You, Lord Christ, are our mighty foundation, our guide and brother in leading us to holy living and loving. Almighty God, shield us from hatred, envy, and anger, from without and within, and accept our repentance of our failings. 

Let us seek to live with each other in gentleness. Help us to examine our ways that we may come to your table as one people knit together by love and forgiveness. Fill us with a Spirit of compassion and forbearance, that we may walk gently throughout this land. 

Protect the sick and afflicted, Blessed Savior, and place your healing hand upon them, especially those we now name.


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