Saturday, October 17, 2015

Prayer 998- in honor of the Rev. Emery Washington, Sr.

He was my priest. He was my role model. He was my friend.

In Memory of the Rev. Emery Washington, who exemplified each one of these gifts.

Holy One, we lift up our hearts to You, and give thanks to You for the continuing witness of the life of your servant Emery, and all your saints who have entered into joy.
May we be inspired to never lose our wonder at the beauty of your creation.
May we lead with boldness and humility, seeking to be servants of Christ.
May we join hands and walk with each other in equity, amity, and fellowship, destroying the barriers that seek to divide us.
May we pursue justice with steadfast, loving hearts, seeking to build up what is good and abolish what separates us.
May we sing out the glory of God and follow the path of Christ with joy, inspired by God's grace.
Maybe seek wisdom in the heart of God and praise your Holy Name, remembering our path is our witness.
May we be upright and gentle, giving graciously of ourselves with true love and faithfulness.
May we remember the kindnesses of our own mentors, and generously encourage those who follow us.
May we minister in constancy and devotion to all our brothers and sisters, inspired by your Holy Spirit.
Above all, may we love each other, O God, just as you love us.


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