Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prayer 876

Most Merciful Creator, we come before You in awe and wonder for all the wonders of your handiwork. 

May your glory roll upon us like thunder. May your love rain down upon us, restoring the parched earth of our hearts, that we sin no more. May we be a priestly people, offering our devotion to You, Lord Christ, that your call for love and peace be answered. 

Bless and keep all those whose work serves the common good and seeks to heal the divisions that blind us. 

Guide the hands of helpers and healers, and awaken us to your call to gentleness and compassion toward every living thing. 

Send your Spirit to rest upon those bearing burdens of pain, anxiety, hunger, or grief. Send your empowering Spirit to rest upon us, that we may be the hands of healing in the world.


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