Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Prayer 772

Holy One, set us upon the broad and verdant plain of your mercy, that the hills may ring with our songs to Your glory. 

Forgive us our weaknesses and fears, of the times we have fallen short of your Love. 

 May we use our words to the praise of your Name, to build up those around us and to speak truth to power. 
May we use our hands to provide help to the oppressed and to bring healing and compassion into birth. 
May we use backs to share the burden of those bowed down, and to build a more just society. 

May we use our thoughts to pray unceasingly, that all we do be good and right, seeking your guidance, O God.  Lord Christ, encircle us with your outstretched arms of mercy, that we may orient our hearts toward your service and the service of others. Holy Spirit, alight upon the souls of those who call upon You, and lighten the hearts of those who pray.


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