Tuesday, March 3, 2015

prayer 771

Let us join our hands and join our hearts within the holy assembly, praising and worshiping our God in a spirit of peace and charity. 

Make us constant in our love for You, O God; may we cling to the Rock of Our Salvation. Bring all things into unity before the welcoming hearth of your love, Most Merciful One. You are our Redeemer, Holy Lord: may we always humbly abide under the shelter of your grace. 

Give us a spirit of compassion, that we may earnestly serve You in all we meet today. Give us a spirit of longing for truth, that we may fill our hearts to overflowing with your wisdom. Give us strength to carry your banner in word and in deed, that we be joyful disciples of the gospel. 

Bear us up on the wings of your mercy, especially those whose needs we bring before You.


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