Thursday, March 5, 2015

Prayer 773

Light of Light, we kneel before your glory, grateful for your care and guidance. Forgive us, Most Merciful One, for our failure to love You and each other, and accept our repentance with our whole hearts. 

Blessed Redeemer, renew in us a spirit of peace and forbearance, that we may live in justice and contentment. Help us to honor your image in each other, and humbly serve each other in constancy and devotion. Help us walk gently upon the earth, that we may wonder at your love for us springing up from creation. Strengthen our determination to be your disciples in word and deed, that we may proclaim your goodness and love in all we do. 

Draw under the shadow of your wings all who are troubled in body, mind, or spirit, and smooth their sorrows and pain away. Unite us within the bonds of your love, and let your blessing come down upon us like the rays of the rising sun.


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