Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prayer 472- Dame Julian of Norwich

(On Julian of Norwich)
O Nurturing One, You place us within the embrace of love and call us to know the love of Christ as a mother's love. 

Clothe us, Lord Christ, in love, that it may enfold us, embrace us, envelop us, and indeed never leave us. Our souls seek nothing more to abide within You forever: let us place ourselves at your command, and honor You with each breath. 

Keep us, O Loving One, as a hazel nut in your hand, for all that You have created is kept within your sight, and loved by You. Only in You, our Mother and Comforter, will we have all. 

Casting ourselves within your arms, O God, we abandon all our fear, for You are with us always. Draw within your mercy all those for whom we now pray.


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