Friday, May 9, 2014

Prayer 473: On the Good Shepherd

O Shepherd of Our Souls, we praise you and bless you for your saving help as we rise to meet this day. 

You are the gate to life eternal: let us dedicate ourselves to following You in all our steps. 

Let us listen to You call our names, and remember that means being quiet so that we may hear You. May we allow ourselves to be guided and protected, to be led by You, our Good Shepherd. Let us come to You so that we do not fall into trouble by wandering off on our stubborn way. Let us obey your call to love even when that thwarts our wish for power or advantage over others. 

We know that we can be confident that You are always with us, so we need never fear. Reach out your hand to those who have lost sight of You, Lord Christ, and remind them of your nearness.

Hear now, O Lord, our petitions and thanksgivings for those we now name:


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