Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prayer 471

O Shepherd, we thank You for leading us into this new day, and raise our thoughts to You in praise and thanksgiving. We give thanks for your mercy and compassion, O God, for replacing our crooked hearts with hearts filled with grace. Help us to name our blessings and press them close to our hearts. Make us upright and gentle through all our steps today, and guide us in the paths of kindness and empathy. Place your armor upon us in the face of those who seek gain over us, and help us to pray for those who oppose us. Let us always choose to build peace over strife; make us worthy of your Name and just and merciful in all our works. Through your wisdom, may we enter into the gate of peacefulness and rest secure in your embrace. Place your right hand of blessing, O Savior, upon those for whom we pray today.


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