Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prayer for those undergoing medical treatment or surgery

Almighty God, we praise you for all your generous gifts: in your mercy, hear our prayer and supplications. 

You are the Eternal Healer, and call us to work with You in restoring balance to the world: be with those who are ill. You are the source of all wisdom, and have inspired us to hunger for learning, and persevere in seeking it. We thank you for the knowledge and skills of doctors and nurses, and ask that you guide their hands. Bless those, Lord Jesus, who have heard your call to take up your healing ministry. Give doctors wisdom as they determine treatment, and make their judgment steady and sure. Give nurses discernment, gentleness, strength as they tend the sick and their families and provide for their needs. Give those who are ill or injured comfort in their distress, and soothe their pain, O merciful One. Bind up their wounds, that they may heal swiftly, and be restored to health and physical comfort. 

Be present with the families of those who are ill, and draw them into your embrace as they await word. Your love for us is never-ending, O God; send your Spirit of healing and peace to those whose names we raise to you.


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