Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 9 (Day 358)

Camp fire from Camp Phoenix, summer 2013

Lord Jesus, we come before you, the Light of the world, as dawn stakes its claim on the eastern sky. After a long night, we thirst for a deeper knowledge of You: make us worthy to walk beside You this day. 

All that we are, we offer to You: make of us a living prayer. Let us be bold witnesses of your saving power that binds us together regardless of differences, united in fellowship. Make us mindful of your presence in those we meet, attuning our hearts to those who are in need. Help us order our lives according to your wisdom, being for others in all we do, that we might humbly serve God. Let us sing the new song you have given us, that all the world may know Your love. 

Send out your Light, O God, into the shadows of anxiety that fall among us, and rest your hand upon those we now name.


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