Monday, January 13, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 8 (Day 357)

Almighty God, we praise your guiding hand upon us, and your tender care for us as we prepare for this day. Set our minds and hearts ablaze with the knowledge of your love. 

Let us be guided by hearts of faith and obedience to your Word, whom you sent to us that we should know You more fully. May we be true and faithful companions to Christ, walking the paths of righteousness to be a blessing to all your children. Make of us disciples whose wills are set to building your kingdom. Let us be joyful in all our work, and let it find favor in your sight. 

Make us mindful of all who suffer, and determined to work for the benefit of all, sowing justice and compassion in our wake. May we be ministering hands to those who are in any need, in mind, body, or spirit. May we build up each other in love, bearing with each other in all things. We ask your blessing upon those in need, that they feel your saving presence and are renewed in strength.


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