Sunday, January 12, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 7 (Day 356)

Jesus teaches in the Portico of Solomon

O God, we joyfully enter your courtyard, and approach your altar with song! We are glad to see the rising sun, and thankful that our God has preserved us through the chill of the night. 

Now is our time to hear your commandments and take them into our hearts. Now is our time to gather together in unity and brotherhood, united by our love of God and each other. Let us worship the God who protects the stranger, who calls us to act with justice to the poor and oppressed. Let us sing praises to the Son, who broke bread with outcasts, and humbly ask forgiveness for our wrongs. Let us gather around the altar of blessing, unified in hope of salvation and grace. Let us carry the Spirit of Love and Life in our hearts into the world, inspired to discipleship in all we do. 

Let us place our petitions before the Lord of kindness and gentleness, whose mercy endures forever. O Gracious God, hear our prayers for our loved ones, whom we lift before You as your beloved children.


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