Saturday, January 11, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 6 (Day 355)

My soul is at rest in the presence of God; my heart overflows with joy for the goodness and mercy of the Lord. 

The Spirit of God is at my shoulder: let me never wander far from God's light, or be drawn away by despair. The Peace of God surpasses understanding, but wells up as a stream of living water, to sustain and strengthen us. The Light of God streams through the windows of my soul; may I blaze forth in love and compassion for others. May God's Word take me by the hand and lead me into wisdom as a little child, that love may take root in my heart. 

Our Great Companion is steadfast in all our needs, and sustains us to see wonders of blessing even in times of trouble. Gathered together in the name of Christ, we pray for those in uncertainty or need, especially those we now name.


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