Friday, January 10, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 5 (Day 354)

O God, the rising sun reminds us that your sent your Light into the world: we sing and celebrate your unceasing care! Blessed Lord Jesus, you are our Good Shepherd: let us never stray from the sound of your voice! 

Help us work for justice and peace today, O Lord, and be faithful servants within the kingdom of heaven. Each moment of our lives is a gift from You, and each breath a chance to praise your Name. 

Give us the strength to persevere in times of trials, and in your mercy send your Spirit to renew our hearts. Our blessings dance before us like stars, and our sorrows blow away like chaff, for we know that You are with us. Our hope is in our God; how can we ever fear, for your love is a mantle upon our shoulders in the depth of winter. 

Resting upon your breast, O Loving One, we whisper into your ear our prayers.


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