Thursday, January 9, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 4 (Day 353)

Almighty God, awaken our sleeping hearts to perceive the glory of your creation! Let us bend the knee and kneel in thanksgiving and obedience to your throne. 

We mourn our hardheartedness and ask your forgiveness; we marvel at your loving gift of grace. May we see Christ in the stranger, and in the people who plague us, and remember that all are your children. May we seek to be a blessing to others, and remember the power of our words and actions. May we never treat friends with carelessness; may we never attempt to guard our hearts by contempt or cruelty. 

May we open our selves to the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, who broods over us as a mother bird broods over her young. May we be drawn to You on the winds of love and faithfulness; may we heed your call to amend our ways. 

O Loving One, we put our trust in You, in good times or bad, and ask your blessing upon those we now name.


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