Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prayer 360

We rest under the shadow of the Almighty; let us rise and take up our work with joy. Let us call upon the Name of the Lord, who surrounds us in the light of His embrace. 

O blessed Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor, guide us in each step we take today. May we seek to open ourselves to the will of God in our lives and center ourselves within God's love. May we make of ourselves a living sacrifice, our hearts a tabernacle for the Almighty. Watch over us, O Lord, as you watch over the sparrow and the lark: let us sing our praise to you for all your lovingkindness. 

Lord Jesus, you know our pains and afflictions; send your healing power into the hands of those who care for us. We pray especially for those who are facing surgery or treatment this day, and give thanks for how they have touched our lives and blessed us. Give ear, O God, we pray you: we place the needs of these loved ones within the stronghold of Your love.


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