Monday, January 27, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 22 (Day 371)

O Blessed One, we call upon you in the night and are comforted: dwell within our hearts forever. You are our light at midday: make us burn with a holy fire for your Word. 

By your great mercy you have saved us and set us free from fear; let us use this day you have given us to praise You. Let us love others not for what they do for us, but for the beauty of God that shines within them. Let us set our minds upon your holy wisdom: give us understanding to turn our hearts toward your will. Bless our endeavors, we pray, that we may persevere in running the race you have set before us. 

You have made your face to shine upon us: let us praise you with every breath. Heal the sick, Lord Christ, and tend to those who ache in body or soul with the balm of your love. O Loving One, send your blessing out upon those for whom we pray.


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