Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Epiphany Prayer 23 (Day 372)

Inspired by John 5:1-18
O God, you are our font of every blessing, and we rise to sing your praise. Let us receive your Word wherever we are in our hearts, and respond with hope and joy. 

Let us rise up from those things that paralyze us- uncertainty, bitterness, hardness of heart- and take up our mat and walk. Let each step we take be a testimony to the power of the peace of God, which restores us and draws us into wholeness. Stir up in us the waters of compassion, that we may recover our sense of community and justice. 

Breathe upon us, O Spirit of Christ, and fill our souls with your whispered, healing love. Let our prayers uplift those who are in need of healing, direction, or comfort, that You may embrace them.


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