Sunday, January 26, 2014

Prayer for Discernment -Annual Meeting 2014 (Day 370)

O Gracious God, we are your people, and we ask that you guide us this day to do your will. Make of us a priestly people, dedicated to the ministry you have called each of us to do. 

Give us wisdom and love in equal measure, that we may know how, as well as why, we are to follow your path. 

Let us clasp hands around your altar as one people, dedicated to the shared vision of building your kingdom. Let us go forth then to be your disciples, nourished by the love that draws us together. 

Let us tend the sick, the sorrowing, the weak, and the lost in your Name, with joy in our labors and praise on our lips.

O Loving Savior, You are with us always: send, we pray, a special blessing upon those we now name. 


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