Thursday, November 1, 2018

Prayer, day 2105-- All Saints' Day

Almighty God, draw our hearts and souls to You, that we may praise and magnify your saving deeds in all the world. 

Holy One, we remember today the example of your saints who have entered into joy. 
We remember those whose lives have reminded us of what it means to imitate Jesus, what it means to be fully human. 

May we be inspired by the witness of our saints to dedicate ourselves anew to your gospel. 
May we stand for justice, 
walk in love, 
work for your kindom, 
embrace each other in peace, 
and in all things worship You. 

In the midst of a cloud of so many witnesses, make us a holy people, sanctified by the love we reflect from You, Lord Christ. 

Joining in their heavenly song, we remember before You those whose needs we carry in our hearts.


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