Friday, November 2, 2018

Prayer 2106- All Souls' Day

Merciful Creator,
by your hand all things come into being:
You, our Helper and our Protector,
are making the heavens and the Earth,
restoring and renewing our souls by your love.

Your tender compassion is as broad
as the canopy of stars set like jewels in filigree overhead
 even when the curtain of blue veils them,
nonetheless they remain,
singing your praise,
reminding us of your constant love for us, O God.

Holy One, we remember before You
all those gone from us,
secure in your embrace,
resting within the sheltering protection of the Almighty.
They see now clearly
what we see but dimly,
that eternal life begins now
 in living in communion with you and each other,
in celebrating the unity of all things within you, O God.

Lord, you clothe the wildflowers in splendor;
the humblest blossom contributes to the life of the world:
may we be steadfast in our service to You,
putting aside our anxieties
to breathe in your mercy and grace,
for You are our constant Companion and Protector,
our Shepherd and our Shield.

In trust, we lay our cares and concerns before You,
O Shekinah, Glorious Light,
and ask that your comfort envelop the hearts
of those for whom we pray.


Photo: a flower pushes through a grave in the churchyard of the Cathedral of Michael and All Angels in Christchurch, Barbados.

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