Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Prayer 2116

Before your altars, O Lord,
we place our offerings and prayers:
all that we are, and all that we can do
we offer to you, O Holy One,
as your children and beloveds.
May we know and look on high and praise
your wondrous works among us, O Creator.
The stars in their glory, singing your praise
in concert with the celestial spheres
and all the host of heaven,
call us to praise and worship.
God Almighty is renewing the face of the earth
calling all creation to reconciliation and harmony.
Let our hearts trace the pilgrim path
and embrace the Way of Jesus:
walking in unity and compassion,
standing for justice for and lovingkindness,
rejecting the powers of fear and darkness.
Holy Trinity, Eternal One,
strengthen us in bonds of empathy
that we may live in communion with each other.
Anoint all who seek You, O Spirit of Healing,
with the oil of mercy and gladness,
especially those whose concerns we bring before You.


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