Monday, November 12, 2018

Prayer 2115: Gratitude for Ongoing Creation

Most Merciful One,
we give you praise:

praise for this song of a new day that stretches before us
as mysterious and beautiful as the sea;

praise for the chatter of a meadow
filled with sparrows hopping among the golden grasses
and young robins puffed up in self-importance
against the impending snow;

praise for the sentinel deer
walking in tandem among fallen leaves
which spiral down to earth with elegant grace;

praise for being witness to such beauty,
testament to the wonders of this world
You have entrusted to us.

Carry this prayer aloft, O wind,
to the One who is creating the heavens and the earth
within each mending heart,
within each new life that bursts forth,
within each life that releases into your eternity,
within each meeting of friends, old or new,
within each breath shared in the company of trees.

Gather within your peace, O God,
all those who struggle against pain or loss,
all those who are troubled with worry or fear,
all who seek You with wordless longing,
especially those for whom we pray.


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