Thursday, September 20, 2018

Prayer, day 2063

Have mercy upon us,
Most Gentle God:
bend near as we seek You,
our Rock, our Light, and our Hope.

Spirit of God,
dwell within our hearts,
that we may be led by your love
and brought to healing and reconciliation.
Help us to persevere in faith, O Savior,
and resist falling into sin and contempt.

Holy One,
be our shield and comfort
as we seek our path today.
Give rest to the weary, Lord Christ,
and comfort to the anxious;
be our companion in joy and in sorrow.

Remembering your promises of mercy,
your lovingkindness which never ceases,
renew and revive our souls this day, O God,
and pour out your blessing
over the concerns we lay before You.


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