Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Prayer 2062

Blessed Creator,
let my prayer rise to you as incense,
my heart extol your wonders in the morning light.

Like rain upon a mown field, O Holy One,
let your Word refresh and restore my soul,
and bring greening joy into my heart.
In faithfulness and trust,
let me turn my face to you,
and set my course by the light of the Bright Morning Star,
Jesus Christ, my Hope and Redeemer.
Be my companion
through the arc of my day, O Savior,
and guide me into paths
of healing, mercy, and grace.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,
place the seal of your truth upon our hearts,
that we be knit together as Beloved Community,
united by the love we bear each other.
Give your angels charge over all in any need,
and grant your peace and comfort
to all whose needs we place before You.


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