Monday, July 30, 2018

Prayer 2011: In honor of the Philadelphia Eleven

Merciful God,
whose Spirit yet moves over the waters of creation
and over the waters of our hearts,
we draw near to you and worship you with joy.

Blessed Jesus, thank you for raising up among us
strong women who remain faithful to your call
and who persevere even today in serving you
with abounding love, bravery, and faith.
Help us always to listen for your voice, O God,
to find you not just in pages and verses
but in the face of every stranger
and in the cry of every seeker.
Guide us to witness to your beauty and wisdom,
surpassing all our meager understanding,
O Creator, Sanctifier, and Life-giver.

Bless us as we seek to serve You and each other today, O Holy One,
God of All Compassion,
and grant your blessing over these beloveds.


Image: The ordination of the Philadelphia Eleven:
Merrill Bittner, Alla Bozarth, Allison Cheek, Emily Hewitt, Carter Heyward, Suzanne Hiatt, Marie Moorefield, Jeannette Picard, Betty Bone Schiess, Katrina Swanson, and Nancy Wittig,
on July 29, 1974.

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