Sunday, July 29, 2018

Prayer 2010: Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

(John 6:1-21)
Blessed Savior,
you gather us to yourself like a mother hen with her chicks,
your nourish us with the bread of generosity and kindness,
and bind up all our wounds with your healing touch.
You bid us to sit down when we are hungry, O Holy One,
and feed us abundantly from our humble offerings:
our cups overflow by your love and your blessing--
there is plenty for all, and more besides.
May we trust in your abundant grace,
abundant love,
abundant mercy,
to give our all without fear, but with joy, O God,
and embody your lavish love and compassionate action,
healing, feeding, and teaching in your name.
Spirit of the Living God, rest upon us
and set our hearts on fire with your truth,
and grant your blessing upon those for whom we pray.


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