Thursday, July 19, 2018

Prayer 2000: Inspired by Psalm 37

Holy and Merciful God,
You are our light and our help:
we turn to You in trust and hope.

Blessed Jesus, you showed us the path of true humanity:
help us to be generous and loving in our actions,
seeking ever to stand with the vulnerable,
to bring healing to the sick and suffering,
and to conduct ourselves with charity and kindness.

Strengthen us, Lord Christ,
to work for the repair of the world we have made,
where we have fallen away from your truth
and doubted your abundant providence.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,
forgive us,
and help our unbelief, O Lord:
make us brave and resolute
in resisting evil, exploitation, and hatred,
confident in the victory of love over fear.

Prosper the works of the humble and pure in heart,
O God of Grace,
grant your favor to the wise and compassionate, we pray.
Open our eyes to see your goodness all around us,
and help us to persevere in doing your will,
in seeking your face continually,
in living with integrity and faithfulness.

Merciful One, we ask You to guide our steps today,
and grant your peace and blessing
upon the concerns we lift before You.


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