Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Prayer 1999: Inspired by Matthew 25:31-46

O Great Shepherd, Lord God,
tenderly you draw us into your fold,
and with lovingkindness you care for us
with a love excelling all loves.

Holy One, may we live our lives
as proclamations of your grace, salvation, and mercy,
testifying to the glory of your name
and for the love of the world you have created
and upon which we all depend.
May we care for you, Lord Jesus, without fail
in feeding the hungry,
giving water for the thirsty,
in welcoming the stranger,
in clothing the destitute,
in caring for the sick,
in visiting the prisoner.
In all we do,
may we open our hearts to your commandment
to love and do good in your name, Beloved Savior,
embodying within ourselves
the abundance of your mercy and compassion.

Holy and Undivided Trinity, One God,
purify our hearts and minds to serve You with joy,
and pour out your blessing upon those we now name.


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