Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Prayer, day 1956

Lord, with outstretched hearts we lift up to You: 
we acclaim You and bless You, 
our God and Creator of all that is. 

Make of us mighty redwoods 
in the House of God; 
make us a dwelling place of beauty and holiness. 
Let your peace pour down upon us 
and sink into our very souls, 
refreshing us like a cool rain. 
Let our roots spread deeply 
into the wisdom and love of God, 
the Ground of Our Being. 

May our arms open wide 
to embrace all creation, 
reverencing and sustaining all life 
as your beautiful gift and blessing. 
May we reach toward 
the bluest firmament of your love, 
O Holy One, 
and provide a canopy of blessing to all we meet. 

May we remember 
our dependence upon each other, 
and rejoice in the fellowship of Christ 
that makes us one. 
At day's end, may we look out 
upon the time You have given us 
and be glad, 
and sing out your blessings with gratitude. 
May our whispered prayers be carried to you, 
gathered by the wind of your grace 
that dances about us. 

United within your steadfast faithfulness, O God, 
we lift our prayer to you, 
and ask your blessing upon us.


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