Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Prayer 1901

Most Merciful God, receive our hearts and prayers
as we offer them to You:
Eternal Spirit, Source of Our Being.
Borne aloft, your light envelops us
in sheer, silken joy,
and we lift our praise to You.

Help us cast off all that pulls us from You, O God--
our violent impulses, our fears and cruelties--
for we know that we have sinned
against You and each other.
May we repent and return to your embrace.

Blessed Jesus, help us to bear good fruit,
living in holiness and mindfulness,
bearing your compassion into our woundedness
that we may love others as You love us.
May we practice resurrection in all we do,
remembering your love in our lives, Lord Christ.

Gathered to You in hope and faith,
we put our trust in You, Holy One:
bend near to those who cry out to You,
and give your angels charge over those we now name.


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